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Tips for winter cleaning

Tips for winter cleaning

Tips for Winter Cleaning

Everyone understands the benefits of spring cleaning, right? But did you know that there are certain things you should attend to every winter.

You can tackle these tasks so you ensure specific components of your house perform efficiently, and help save money on your energy costs. Furthermore, they make perfect activities for when you are snowed in or hunkered down, safe from the cold. Here are our tips for winter cleaning.


Clean Behind the Fridge

At least once a year, pull your fridge away from the wall. Clean not only the wall and floor but the refrigerator coils. Dirty coils affect energy efficiency and could increase your energy costs from around £10.00 a month. While this seems insignificant, it adds up. Furthermore, over time, dirty coils could cause damage and reduce the overall lifespan of the appliance.  This is also an excellent time to take everything out of the fridge and give the interior a good wipe down.

Reduce the Clutter

Have a good sort out and this will help keep on top of the house getting as dusty and dirty. If nothing else, consider seasonal storage — no need to have swim gear laying around in winter, or snow boots in the summer.  Maybe look to sore items away if possible.


Deep Clean the Kitchen

While you are winter cleaning, it is a great time to organise and dust out drawers and cabinets. It is also ideal for cleaning and organising your cupboards. Get rid of any expired foods or damaged Tupperware that is missing lids. De-grime backsplashes and hood vents. You don’t typically open windows in winter, so cleaning these items could help reduce strong cooking odors.


Steam Carpets and Furniture

Winter weather brings with it cold, snow and mud. While you may think steam cleaning in winter is counterintuitive, we urge you not to let the stains settle. Address them right way, and they are much easier to clean up. 


Chimney Sweep

Maintaining your chimney is essential. It not only reduces the risk of chimney fires but ensures the air in your home is healthy. Professional services are your best route for safe cleaning with minimal impact on the rest of the house’s cleanliness. Please contact your property manager if you need any contact details for a company.


Wash the Windows

Cleaning your windows brightens the house — a significant component for fighting the winter blues. Winter is also an ideal time to launder all window treatments which can hold on to allergens and dust.

Clean and Degrease the Oven

In colder months your oven probably sees a lot of action. With Holiday cooking and baking, plus preparing comfort foods for chilly days, it can become quite a sticky mess. Cleaning your oven prevents smoking and fires and reduces strong food odours.