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10 Top Tips when moving out of your rental property

  1. Check your inventory
    This will show you the exact condition of the property at the start of your tenancy so you can make a comparison to see if any damages have been caused, or if any items are missing.
  1. Check your tenancy agreement including any special clauses
    This will tell you if you are required to arrange professional cleaning etc.
  1. Arrange professional cleaning
    Your agency will be able to advise you of their recommended cleaning companies. Cleaning costs account for 57% of deposit disputes.
  1. Arrange for gardening
    It is likely that in your tenancy agreement it will state that it is the tenants’ responsibility to maintain the garden.
  1. Ensure bins are emptied
    Bin collections are not always weekly, so plan in advance to ensure the bins are empty ready for your move out date.
  1. Make good any damage caused
    You will be required to make good any damage caused to the property, e.g. from picture hooks.
  1. Ensure you have all of the keys for the property
    If any keys are missing, charges for replacements will apply. The agency may even have to change the locks, for security reasons.
  1. Replace light bulbs
  1. Put all furniture back in its original position
    Details of where it was in the first place will be on the inventory
  1. Contact your agency if you are unsure about anything at all!