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Keeping strong whilst in isolation

Keeping strong whilst in isolation

As an agency we are constantly on the move. Whether we are out showing our properties to perspective tenants, meeting new clients, or conducting property visits we are always on our feet. So if like us you are struggling to keep yourself active during this time we thought we could help you with a few tips to keep your body moving and your mind strong!


Keeping our bodies active.

I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of buying a workout DVD straight after Christmas with the intention of loosing those few extra pounds. Well why not dig them out and get moving, what better time than now to make use them. If you don’t have them, or like me you threw them away wondering why you wasted your money, then there are plenty of free apps and online workouts that you can do. There are lots of local business that are currently offering online classes. Intent 2 Improve are just one of them. A small business operating just over the road from Open Doors, they are offering daily classes along with tips for keeping fit during lockdown- go check them out at


Keeping your mind strong.

There’s no denying that this is a hard time for everyone. Tenants, Landlords, and all of us at Open Doors will more than likely at some point find ourselves fighting with our minds. So to keep our minds strong why not try some mediation? Many companies are offering free online courses for people to try. Be it at the beginning of the day or end, meditation is a great way to keep your mind strong. White Space Yoga located in Stony Stratford are currently offering online Yoga, Pilates and mindfulness meditation, a great way to have some me time.


Talking to someone.

The most important of all the above is to keep human interaction. Open Doors are here for all our Landlords and Tenants. If you find yourself wanting a quick chat, or you’re in isolation and need some milk feel free to call us. We are after all, here to help.

We would love to hear how our Tenants and Landlords are keeping during the lockdown. Please feel free to send us some of your lockdown fitness photos. Who knows, if we get enough we may even be able to do a giveaway!